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Ready to take flight?

As empaths, sometimes it is so lovely to escape the pulling and pushing tides of the ocean of emotion and immerse ourselves in a journey for our soul. A place where wisdom, inspiration, dreams, and your spirit can soar.

About The Tea House

Soul Nourishing Creative Expressions from The Founder of The Insel.

“Much of my career to date has been spent in the creative fields of music and writing/publishing. As a lifelong empath and creative artist, I have often found solace to life’s intensities and emotions, by expressing and reflecting through the books and music I write. It is here I found my core life’s purpose. To take people on journeys of the soul by sharing the wisdoms, insights, reflections and loves and losses, I have experienced after traveling the globe (internally and externally) through story and song. The Tea House (named after one of my music albums) on The Insel is the place where I share my creations to date. Should you choose to take any of the journeys, I hope they nourish your soul as much as they nourished mine in creating them.”

Esther BertramFounder of The Insel

Books for Little Empaths

Various books for our little empaths (babies and toddlers) filled with seeds of wisdom to grow the big minds of tomorrow at Conscious Fiction.

Soul Nourishment

Learn Guitar

In-depth step by step guitar course, tailored for ABSOLUTE beginners. Learn from a fellow empath in a gentle and kind way, using a fast track easy method to get you quick results. High quality professional course of 50+ lessons that only costs the same as 2 in-person lessons - Lifetime access, 30 day money back guarantee, learn at your own pace and make your dream of playing guitar finally come true.

Listen to Music

Various albums of acoustic folk/pop and electronic. Reflections on life and love, written from an empath's perspective or commission a song to be written for yourself or a loved one.

Read November Fox - Following Joy.

A holistic journey through time, space & consciousness with empath protagonist, November Fox. A visionary fiction exploration of Heart, Mind, Body, Soul & Purpose, that all starts with a message in a bottle found on Brighton Beach.
Formats: Hardback, Paperback, eBook & Audiobook (audiobook is the recommended version!)