Should You Join the Exclusive “Heartbeat” Empath Community – Aka The Insel Beach Bar – a Robust Social Platform for Empaths & Empaths in Business?

The Insel Beach Bar Empath Community is;

  • Tailored for Empaths & Empaths in Business
  • Dedicated Space for Authentic & Purposeful Connections
  • Clean, Easy, Robust and Smooth User Experience
  • Standalone App for Phone and Desktop
  • Private 121 Messaging & Group Threads
  • Full Moon 30min Meet-and-Greet Zoom Events
  • Grow your Empath Network Worldwide
  • Business Growth Tips for Empaths in Business
  • Rejuvenate Your Heart Through Connection

Do the vetting quiz below to find out if it's for you....

The Beach Bar vetting quiz works in two ways:

1. FOR YOU: You will find out if this online empath community is for you.
2. FOR THE COMMUNITY: It shows commitment from quality members who choose to do the quiz.
Entry to the Exclusive Beach Bar "Heartbeat" Online Community is currently ONLY available AFTER doing the quiz.
NOTE: Not sure if you are an Empath? CLICK HERE and do this test before the beach bar quiz.

“Until now, I rarely used social media, mainly as I yearn for deeper and more meaningful connections. There is so much distraction, transience, and superficial time-wasting on regular social channels, plus I don’t really like platforms like FB owning the data I share about myself, so I wanted to create a social community worth spending time in because it has depth, includes business connections, has relevant content, a super simple, clean, safe, no ads, and is easy to navigate. I also wanted distraction-free platform, and a place to form authentic personal and professional connections with people on the same wavelength. This community furthers The Insel’s mission of helping empaths to rejuvenate, especially in the heart space, through connection, shared wisdom and support. So, I invite you to jump aboard the ship of relation and cross the ocean of emotion and visit the comforting shores of The Insel, where you can engage with fellow empaths and return to mainland stronger than ever, equipped with wisdom, friendships, personal and professional development, and strength – rejuvenated!”

Esther Bertram - Founder of The Insel