Download Your Free Empath's Daily Rejuvenation Meditation

Start the Day Feeling
Calm, Grounded,
Protected & Rejuvenated

This free download is a 25 min daily meditation that will enable you to start the day feeling calm, grounded, protected, and rejuvenated – ready to shine your empath diamond heart bright and strong. By downloading you will also receive occasional updates from The Insel. As binaural beats are used in the mediation, use headphones for maximum effect.

The 25 Min Rejuvenation Meditation for Empaths Includes;

  • Fully Body Yoga Nidra
  • Grounding Visualisation
  • Protection Visualisation
  • Telomere Restoration
  • Holistic Body Affirmations
  • Intention Technique for Effective Manifesting
  • Intention Setting for Ideal Day Ahead
  • Blueprint Affirmations
  • Binaural Beats Inducing Happiness & Wellbeing
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