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Clarify Your Purpose in The Hammock of Reflection

Empaths are often drawn to carers or jobs where we make a positive impact. We are natural born healers because we are; 1. Good listeners, 2. We fully understand people’s situation as we can feel it as our own, and 3. We genuinely care.

On the flip side, because we feel so much, we have a hard task when confronted with painful realities or jobs where conflict, pain or injustices are prevalent.

This leads us to feel extremely satisfied when in roles where we are doing good in the world, are surrounded by other kindhearted people and we know what we are doing is making a positive impact and difference in people’s lives.

Empaths made fantastic artists in all the creative fields, because we can channel the breadth of thoughts, feelings, and impressions we get from others, as a natural occurrence of our heighted abilities to tune into subtle energies, and creatively express them.

If you’re not yet in your ideal job, it may be time to sit back in the hammock of reflection and think about what career change you could make that better suits you as an empath. Life is short and precious, and empaths have the power to shine the way of a heart-led society, so it’s important you choose something that not only is energetically sustainable for you, but something where you feel your skills and passions are completely utilised.

“As I’ve been an empath all my life, my first career was a professional singer-songwriter. This not only gave me a safe outlet for my excess emotions, it took me all over Europe for over a decade. Next, I turned to writing books, as I felt I could help bring more consciousness to the world, by sharing wisdom but in a creative form. With writing, I also found being on my own, and channelling my inner voice a very therapeutic process and a needed change from so many external impressions. I continue with my creative ventures to process my reflections and expressions, and my current career has found me being a creative entrepreneur and founding several ethical businesses that serve to facilitate the space for people to thrive. In working on projects that either serve as internal processing or service to others, my empath soul feels the weight of the world slightly lighter, as I can focus on the joy and release it brings me and the positive impact it also brings to others.”

“An empath working in a field where they either express their internal universe, or assist the betterment of others, is a happy empath.”

Esther BertramFounder @ The Insel