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An Open Heart Has the Strength of 100 Closed Hearts

Opening your heart is one of the bravest things you can do. It takes courage to be vulnerable and show the world who you really are.

Being vulnerable does not mean you are weak. It means that you have love to offer the world.

Empaths have this state of being by default, it is one of our best assets. The task for us is learning how to remain open while also being protected. Visualisations help. You can try the ones outlined in our free rejuvenation mediation. Another task is to trust your intuition when it comes to new connections. Feel into whether the connection will be mutually beneficial.

All too often narcissistic people are drawn to the bright light of our empath big open hearts. But we can learn how to distinguish between the connections that serve our highest purpose and those that are just looking to take our energy, then it is just a matter of erecting the boundaries, but we do not need to close our hearts to do so. We just need to put up a fence.

"A closed heart is like one lonely cube of solid ice, afraid of the sun. If only it would melt, we all wish from the outside looking in. An open heart on the other hand is like an endless fountain of youth, giving of itself because it is a spring without end. And those with the honour to bathe it its glorious waters feel younger, as they experience what it means to be truly loved. Being a fountain spring of love, also means we are loving from a place of strength, not of need."

“When we truly open our heart, and give love to the world, we have the strength of 1000 closed hearts. For every closed heart only has space for one.”

Esther BertramFounder @ The Insel