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An Empath Heart's Superpower is Gratitude

One of the empath heart’s superpowers is gratitude. Empaths can walk in the shoes of others with ease, and being able to do so is not only a gift to be grateful of, it fosters even more gratitude as empaths experience a vaster depth of joy through sharing other people’s experiences.

We are all born with an innate ability to sense and feel other people's emotions and energies to some degree – well, most of us. This is called empathy. But empaths have it in a much higher concentration.

Empaths are deeply sensitive people who have the potential to experience emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual pain as if they were actually feeling it themselves. They can also experience emotional highs as if they were experiencing them personally.

"Our ability to tune in to others leads to a state of gratitude because it’s like paying for one ticket to the roller-coaster of life, but then the ride master gives us thousands! How can we not feel grateful for that, even if we have to learn how to mitigate the lows!

The richest people are those with gratitude in the heart for even the smallest of things.

For every ounce of gratitude is worth more than an ounce of gold."

“Authentic appreciation enables you to truly experience the worth of something, whether a flower or a private jet.”

Esther BertramFounder @ The Insel