The 123 Theory - An Empath's Guide to Thrive in Life, Love & Work | Signed Paperback


As an empath, it is important to prioritise our own wellbeing if we want to avoid burnout and draining relationships. The 123 Theory provides practical strategies to help us thrive as an empath in life, love and work, so that we can continue to help others without sacrificing our own wellbeing. By taking care of ourselves first, we are better able to support others in a sustainable way. Get your signed by the author paperback copy right here! With Free Worldwide Shipping!

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The 123 Theory is your ultimate guide to living a life of balance, fulfilment and purpose as an empath.

Through this book, you’ll learn how to increase your own energy, build more meaningful relationships, create sustainable habits, and maximise your positive impact.

You’ll discover powerful tools and insights to help you better understand your unique needs as an empath, reprogram your subconscious, and finally take control of your life, relationships and career.

By tapping into your wellspring, you’ll be able to lead with your heart and have sustainable energy for yourself, you loved ones and the word.

This book will provide you with the opportunity to step out of the cycle of feeling drained, taken advantage of, and not knowing how to make a meaningful impact.

Put your own needs first, and unlock a life of energy, mutual benefit, and purpose.

It’s time to transform your sensitivity setbacks into sensitivity superpowers, and truly thrive as an empath.

The era of the Super Empath has arrived, let’s blaze a trail for a new society, powered by the strength of the heart.

As a thriving empath you have the power create a world where empathy and compassion reign supreme, where you can lead by example without feeling drained, and where you can sustain your energy for a lifetime.

This book will guide you through the process of applying The 123 Theory, giving you the tools you need to discover your true potential, gain inner strength and create your desired realities, starting from the inside out.

Get your signed by the author paperback copy right here! With Free Worldwide Shipping!