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Podcast Episode 24 - Empath Unplugged with Esther Bertram

How Empaths Can Achieve Anything + Guided Visualisation

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Empath Unplugged Podcast! In this episode, Esther takes you on a powerful guided visualisation technique to help Empaths achieve anything they set their minds to. Esther shares her wisdom and expertise on how Empaths can use guided visualisation to reach their goals, achieve their dreams, and live their best life. Esther explains how guided visualisation can help Empaths overcome their limiting beliefs, and why they must take ownership of the thoughts they have in order to make lasting changes. Esther also shares her own personal story of how she used visualisation to reach her goals and live a more empowered life. She provides practical advice on how Empaths can begin to use guided visualisation to achieve their desired outcomes. At the end of this episode, Esther also offers a free guided visualisation meditation that is tailored specifically for Empaths. This meditation will help you to create the life you desire and achieve your goals. So if you're an Empath and you're looking for a powerful tool to help you create the life you want, then this episode of the Empath Unplugged podcast is for you. Tune in now to learn more about how guided visualisation can help you achieve anything you set your mind to!

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