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Podcast Episode 12 - Empath Unplugged with Esther Bertram

As An Empath How Do You Cope with Projection?

In this episode, Esther explores the topic of projection. Specifically, as an empath how do you cope with the suffering of loved ones who, because they have your unconditional love, use you as the whipping post for their pain?
Projection is something that we all do to some degree. It's a defence mechanism that allows us to disown our own undesirable qualities by attributing them to others. For example, if you're feeling insecure, you might project that onto someone else by accusing them of being arrogant. Projection can be a problem for empaths because we tend to be highly attuned to the emotions of others. This means that we're often the recipients of other people's projections. And it can be difficult to deal with, because it can feel like we're being attacked for something that we're not even responsible for.
So how do you cope with projection as an empath?
Projection is a defence mechanism that we all use to some degree. But as empaths, we're often on the receiving end of other people's projections. By becoming aware of projection, and learning how to respond in a way that shows empathy and understanding, we can often diffuse the situation and help the other person to see their own projection. Listen to this episode to get some tips how to hold up such a mirror and no longer be a whipping post.
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