Escape The Ocean of Emotion and Take Refuge on The Insel.

Insel means “Island” in German. The Insel is a protected sanctuary (online & offline) where empaths can breathe, reflect & strengthen. The conception of The Insel, was born from founder Esther Bertram's desire to assist fellow empaths to thrive in life, love and work.

Who, What & Why

The Insel is an online resources island, community, and soon to be a physical location, located on a semi-tropical tranquil island in Queensland Australia.

“Through my lifelong experience as an empath, my personal mission is to facilitate the space for empaths to thrive as I share my wisdom and personal methods on how to transform sensitive setbacks into sensitivity superpowers.”

Esther BertramFounder of The Insel
CEO, Founder

Esther Bertram

I believe that every empath carries a double-edged sword. On one side of the sword, we feel pain and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, on the other, we have the capacity to shine particularly bright with immense joy – and people gravitate to us. These dualistic states are only possible because as empaths we experience what it is to walk in the shoes of others, with all their pains and joys. If we can find personal balance, protection and strength, our sword is our superpower. If we do not ground, balance, and armour ourselves, our sword can be our setback.

The intention behind The Insel is that every traveller who visits the island of rejuvenation, whether in-person or online, returns to the world, stronger, better shielded, and shining brighter that before.

Visiting means you’ll also get a glimpse into the life of a fellow empath, and my methods of wielding my own sword, seeing how (after many years of trial and error) finally I have been able to transform my sensitivity setbacks into superpowers, and I have clear guidance to offer, how others can do the same.

After the 20-year quest that took me around the world, both internally and externally, testing my own personal theories, finally I’m putting them into book form. Like a great wine, sometimes, they need a couple of decades before they are ready for consumption. My book for Empaths will be released later in 2022. It is a guidance manual that explores how to thrive in life, love, and work as an empath, with step by step guides how to recalibrate yourself so that you feel balanced, have mutually beneficial relationships, and have more energy and focused purpose to give to the world.

I firmly believe that is the givers of the world who highly deserve to be nurtured. The saying, “who heals the healers?” is one that has inspired the birth of my new book and creation of The Insel. The answer, I believe, is us. We as empaths are the ones with the power to heal ourselves, we just need the tools, community, and guidance to do so, so that is what I aim to provide via connection, sanctuary, and shared wisdom.

Our Community

The Insel will be home of an invite only community of 150 select Empaths worldwide. This community is for those who want to join an exclusive community where it is capped at an amount (Dunbar’s number) that is viable for our members to actually get to know each other in a deeper way, via our online hang outs, chats and meet ups. It is for those who wish to have a community of fellow sword wielders around them, where we have time to go deeper into the friendships to support each other in meaningful ways. To apply to invited please subscribe to the free meditation below, and you will be sent an application form when the community launches. Members will be selected based on their suitability and alignment to the community vision & mission, which will be sent as part of the application form.

This is the landing site of the bigger site that is currently being built for The Insel. Follow The Insel on social media to see things as they develop in real time via The Insel Postcards.

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Can’t wait for you to visit The Insel!
Love and rejuvenation, Esther @ The Insel
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